Outlook and Outlook express are both email clients developed by Microsoft.

Comparison chart

Microsoft Outlook versus Outlook Express comparison chart
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  • current rating is 3.45/5
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(89 ratings)
  • current rating is 3.19/5
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(73 ratings)
Intended user Business/corporate user Home user
Calendar Yes No
Task List Yes No
Journal Yes No
Automatic back-up (archive) Yes No
Programmable using VBA Yes No
Message Rules Sophisticated rules for incoming as well as outgoing mail Incoming mail filters only
Junk Mail feature Yes; sophisticated No
Network-oriented Message store and settings CAN be stored on a server Message store and settings cannot be stored on a server
Included with IE and Windows No Yes
Protocols supported SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, HTTP, MAPI, LDAP, MHTML, NNTP, MIME, and S/MIME, vCalendar, vCard, iCalendar, and full support for HTML mail. SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and HTTP, LDAP, MHTML, HTML, S/MIME, NNTP
Interoperability can be used in combination with MS office (like Word to perform mail-merge in e-mail or to automate outgoing mail messages) Does not interact with other programs except for creating a new mail message when a program requests it.
File format .pst .dbx
Available on Windows 7 and later Windows XP

How to choose?

When choosing between Outlook Express and Outlook, users and organizations should base their usage decision on the following criteria:

Outlook Express Choose Outlook Express if:


Choose Outlook if:


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