Liverpool has a better record than Everton in the Merseyside derby (as matches between Everton and Liverpool are called), having won 88 of 219 matches compared with 66 victories for Everton. Everton and Liverpool football clubs are both based in the city of Liverpool in northern England, so they have many supporters in common. Matches between Liverpool and Everton had traditionally been friendly — not requiring fan segregation — but in the past three decades the rivalry has intensified.

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Full Name Everton Football Club Liverpool Football Club
Home Colors Blue and white Red
Most Famous Managers David Moyes Bob Paisley, Bill Shankley, Kenny Daglish
Founded 1878 March 15, 1892
League Premier League Premier League
Current Star Players Fellaini, Jelavic, Pienaar Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane
Chairman Bill Kenwright Tom Werner
Home Ground Goodison Park, Liverpool, England Anfield, Liverpool, England
Capacity 41640 45,362
Captain PPhil Neville Jordan Henderson
FA Cups 5 7
League Cup Wins 0 8
Gerrard, captain of Liverpool FC celebrates his second goal vs Everton on Mar 13,2012
Gerrard, captain of Liverpool FC celebrates his second goal vs Everton on Mar 13,2012


Everton were formed in 1878 as St Domingo’s and were one of the founding members of The Football League in 1888. They won their first league championship two seasons later. They won the FA Cup for the first time in 1906. Although their success faded after the Second World War, they had a revival in the 1960s, and their most recent period of success was in the 1980s.

Liverpool was founded after a dispute between Everton football committee and John Houlding, the club president and owner of Anfield at the time. Everton relocated to Goodison Park, and Houlding founded Liverpool F.C. to play at Anfield instead. The club joined the Football League Second Division in the 1893-4 season and was promoted to First Division after finishing in first place. It reached its first FA Cup Final in 1914.

Everton vs Arsenal Head-to-head stats

Liverpool has scored more goals against Everton and won more of their matches over all. Liverpool tend to play much better at their home ground, with an average of 1.51 goals per game.

Here are head-to-head stats as published by on Jan 31, 2013:

Everton v Liverpool head-to-head stats
Everton v Liverpool head-to-head stats


Everton have won 9 Premier League Titles, with the latest in 1986-7. They also won the FA Cup in 1906, 1933, 1984 and 1995, and the European Cup in 1985.

Liverpool has won 18 Premier League Titles, with the latest in 1989-90. It has also won the FA Cup 7 times, in 1965, 1974, 1989, 1992, 2001 and 2006, and won the UEFA Championships in 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984 and 2005.

Records and Firsts

Liverpool appeared in the first edition of the BBC’s Match of the Day in 1964, and was in the first match to be televised in color in 1967. The club has more top-flight wins than any other English team.

Notable Players and Managers

Notable Everton players include Alan Ball, William Ralph “Dixie” Dean, Neville Southall, Wayne Rooney, Mikel Arteta, Kevin Campbell and Tommy Lawton. The team has had 25 managers, beginning with W E Barclay. The current manager is David Moyes, who transformed the club into a top-six side.

Famous Liverpool players include now-TV commentator Steve McManaman, Michael Owen, Graem Souness, Kevin Keegan, Billy Liddell, Jamie Carragher, Tommy Smith, Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush, John Barnes, Steven Gerrand and Kenny Dalglish, who was also recent manager of the club. Other popular Liverpool managers include Roy Evans, first managers W.E. Barclay and John McKenna, Gerard Houllier, and Bob Paisley.

Liverpool vs Everton Colours

Everton had many kit colors in their early years, but their now traditional royal blue jerseys with white shorts were first used in 1901-2. When playing other teams with white shorts, Everton typically wear all blue. The traditional away colors were white shirts with black shorts, but recently black, white, grey and yellow away shirts have been used. In the 2011-2012 season, Everton used an amber shirt with navy shorts for its away kit.

Liverpool’s home colors are all red, but when it was founded, it used blue and white quartered shirts until 1894. The away strip has usually been all yellow, or white shirts with black shorts. It has also used grey away kits.


Everton was originally based in the southeast corner of Stanley Park, before the moved to Anfield. After a dispute with the landowner, John Houlding, Everton moved to Goodison Park, where they have been based ever since. This stadium seats 40,157.

Liverpool has always been based at Anfield stadium, which was built in 1884. The stadium could accommodate more than 60,000 supporters at its peak, but required conversion into an all-seater stadium in 1992 reduced capacity to 45,276. The club planned to construct a new stadium in Stanley Park for 2011 but construction was halted due to lack of financing.


Everton had the eighth highest average attendance in the Premier League in the 2008-9 season. The official supporters club is Evertonia.

Liverpool has one of the highest average home attendances in Europe. Liverpool fans refer to themselves as Kopites. The club’s anthem is You’ll Never Walk Alone. Liverpool was also involved in the infamous Hillsborough disaster in 1989, when 95 Liverpool fans died as a consequence of overcrowding in standing areas of the Sheffield stadium where the match was held.

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