Gardening and Landscaping are home improvement techniques that center around plants, rocks and enhancing the natural beauty of a home in general.

Gardening is the practice of growing plants and can range from tending to a single plant to an entire garden with a variety of plants. It involves growing and caring for plants either in pots or in the ground.

Landscaping is a more professional way of gardening in its design and in the construction of ponds, sculpture or topiaries. Landscape design is the art of organizing and enriching outdoor space with plants and structures for aesthetic and/or practical purposes. Large scale projects could include public gardens or recreational areas. Gardening includes such activities as pest control whereas landscaping is more concerned with aesthetics. However, many landscaping companies include gardening services.

Comparison chart

Gardening versus Landscaping comparison chart
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Definition The practice of growing plants outdoors or indoors. The design and construction of gardens and outdoor areas.
Practiced Can be done by anyone. Mostly professionals and landscape architects, but can be done by anyone with a keen interest and basic knowledge.
Purpose Hobby, interest. Designed to achieve a desired aesthetic – purpose built.
A home garden
A home garden


Gardening can be practiced by anyone who has an interest in plants, either indoors or outdoors depending on the climate.

Landscapers design gardens usually in larger outdoor areas. Landscaping is usually undertaken by paid designers or architects who concentrate not just on the plants but also the addition of sculptures and water features taking in to account texture, color and flow of the space to suit a specific purpose.

Landscaped garden of the York House, England
Landscaped garden of the York House, England

Variety of gardens

Gardens can vary from a simple arrangement of plants to rock gardens. Gardening can be very specialized with one type of plant or fruit or tree to a mix of plants. There are home gardens located next to the home; wet gardens which is growing water plants or plants around ponds; rock gardens use the elevation created by rocks to place plants in and around the rocks. Some homeowners design rock gardens to exploit rocky slopes in their yards. Others import rocks into yards that are flat and rockless. With gardening, there is very little change in the landscape of the garden.

In landscaping, entire plots can be dug up with heavy machinery and the terrain can be changed importing not just plants but different types of soil and plants that may not be native to the area.


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