Jan Brewer (Republican) defeated Terry Goddard (Democrat) in the 2010 gubernatorial election in Arizona. Jan Brewer was the incumbent and the 22nd Governor of Arizona. She became governor according to the line of succession as outlined in the constitution of Arizona. Terry Goddard was the Attorney General of Arizona at the time and had also served as Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona.

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Political Party Republican Democratic
Website http://www.governor.state.az.us/ http://www.terrygoddard.com/
Spouse(s) John Brewer Monica Lee
Residence Glendale, Arizona Tucson, Arizona
Alma Mater Glendale Community College Harvard College Arizona State University
Occupation Politician Attorney
Current Position Arizona Governor Arizona Attorney General
Position on health care Does not support the health care bill. Supports health care reforms proposed by government.
Position on economy Has been utilizing stimulus funds received to create jobs and opportunities. Mortgage frauds and foreclosures are urgent crises needing attention.
Position on Immigration Adheres to immigration laws. Supports immigration law reforms.
Position on Energy Encourages development of Renewable Energy Industry in Arizona. Supports the view of Governor Brewer of solar energy being the key to improving economy of Arizona.
Age 65 63
Place of birth Hollywood, California Tucson, Arizona
Date of birth 26 September, 1944 29 January, 1947

Health Care Policy

Terry Goddard supports the health care reform and does not want to join the Attorneys General filing lawsuit to overturn the new health reform laws. He believes that the lawsuits do not have enough merit. In reaction to the passing of the Healthcare bill, Jan Brewer had called upon a special legislative session in order to join in the lawsuit of class action being filed in the US Congress by state Attorney Generals, which challenges the federal mandate that allows purchase of health insurance.

Views on Immigration

Terry Goddard believes that the US borders have to be made more secure, and stronger penalties be imposed on illegal immigrants through reform of immigration laws. Jan Brewer is very strict about immigration rules. During her term in Governor's office, it was a state crime for immigrants who were illegal not to possess documents and it was also punishable to employ illegal immigrants.

Jan Brewer has suggested that Mexican parents of American citizens take their children to Mexico. This is in defiance of the Fourteenth Amendment, which grants citizenship to any child born on these shores. She has also claimed that most illegal border crossers serve as “drug mules,” and that beheadings have occurred in border areas—claims flatly contradicted by the evidence.[1]

Economic Policy

Terry Goddard thinks Arizona's economy is still lagging behind thanks to increased mortgage fraud and the foreclosure crisis in Arizona. He says these have to be addressed as soon as possible. Arizona been facing financial crisis and Jan Brewer has repeatedly called state legislature to work out solutions together. The stimulus funds have been successfully used for job creation, protection of vulnerable and future growth of Arizona.

Energy Policy

Terry Goddard has been a supporter of renewable sources of energy and has done his part in conserving energy in the office of Attorney General. He supports the governor Brewer in the view that development of solar energy would be the way to get the economy of Arizona on its feet and going. Jan Brewer had issued orders to encourage development of Renewable Energy industry in the state of Arizona, thus making Arizona the most hospitable place in the world as far as renewable energy was concerned.

Goddard vs Brewer in Debates

This is a video of the first debate between Jan Brewer and Terry Goddard. Candidates from the Libertarian Party and the Green Party also participated in the debate. The debate was notable for incumbent governor Jan Brewer blanking out for several seconds during her opening statement.

Post-debate Q&A with reporters

Another highlight of the first debate was that Goddard alleged that Brewer had made false statements about beheadings in the Arizona desert, which gave the impression that Arizona was not a safe place to visit, thereby adversely impacting tourism and investment in the state. After the debate, when reporters asked Brewer why she did not recant her statement about the beheadings, Brewer refused to answer.

Early Life and Political Career

Terry Goddard was born in Tucson. He went to Phillips Exeter Academy and then went on to graduate from Harvard College. He served in the US Navy in active duty tour and after returning went on to study law. He was awarded his law degree from the Arizona State University. In 1990, Goddard won the Arizona Democratic Party's nomination for Arizona Governor but was defeated. He served as Arizona State Director for 7 years. In 2002 he was elected as Attorney General of Arizona and succeeded Janet Napolitano. Jan Brewer was born to Perry and Edna Drinkwine in Hollywood, California. She worked in Glendale, California prior to marrying John Brewer and moving to Phoenix, Arizona. She attended Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona. She served in the Arizona House of Representatives (1983 – 1986), as Arizona Senator (1987 – 1996), served as chairman Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and in 2002 was elected as Secretary of State, Arizona. Jan Brewer is Arizona's fourth female governor.

Goddard vs. Brewer Opinion Polls (Wikipedia)

Terry Goddard and Jan Brewer are in a close race that many analysts are calling a toss up. However, opinion polls show Brewer has gained a lead over Goddard in recent months.

Poll Source Dates Administered Terry Goddard (D) Jan Brewer (R)
Rasmussen Reports August 25, 2010 38% 57%
Rasmussen Reports July 21, 2010 37% 56%
Rasmussen Reports June 29, 2010 35% 53%
Rasmussen Reports May 17, 2010 39% 52%
Rasmussen Reports April 27, 2010 40% 48%
Public Policy Polling April 23-25, 2010 47% 44%
Rasmussen Reports April 14, 2010 40% 44%
Rasmussen Reports March 16, 2010 45% 36%
Rasmussen Reports January 20, 2010 43% 41%
Rasmussen Reports November 18, 2009 44% 35%
Rasmussen Reports September 27, 2009 42% 35%
Publicy Policy Polling September 21, 2009 46% 36%


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