John Hickenlooper (Democrat) and Scott McInnis (Republican) are running for the seat of Governor in the US Gubernatorial Elections 2010 from Colorado. Bill Ritter is the present Governor of Colorado who is not seeking re-election.

John Hickenlooper is the Mayor of City and County of Denver and Scott McInnis is a former member of US House of Representative from Colorado.

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Political Party Democratic Republican
Preceded by Wellington Webb -
Spouse(s) Helen Thorpe Lori Smith McInnis
Alma Mater Wesleyan University Fort Lewis College, St Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas
Occupation Politician Lawyer, Politician
Current Position Mayor of City and County of Denver Partner at Hogan & Hartson Law Firm.
Position on Health care For Public Option Health Care For Public Option Health Care
Position on Economy Positive that Colorado would emerge out of the economic crisis faster than other states. Job creation and economic stability high on agenda.
Position on Immigration Supports the need for building bridges with countries like Latin America for future amiable relations. Supports need for more stringent immigration laws that would curtail and curb illegal immigration.
Position on Energy For renewable energy resources. For conventional energy resources.
Age 58 57
Place of Birth Narberth, Pennsylvania Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Date of birth February 7, 1952 May 9, 1953

Health Care Policy

John Hickenlooper has not publicly opposed the Healthcare Reform. He prefers the Public Option for health care. Hickenlooper does not want to increase taxes in times of recession as that can kill jobs and depress the economy further - which is what ObamaCare proposes once it is implemented.

Scott McInnis supports Public Option health care and states that ObamaCare would cause severe budget problems for Colorado which is already facing cash strapped budget.

Economic Policy

Hickenlooper is certain that the economic crisis faced by Denver & Colorado will be over soon. He states that even though unemployment is at a high, the worst is over and that Colorado would emerge from the economical turbulence soon.

Scott McInnis has job creation, fiscal responsibility and economic security high on his election agenda. Colorado is under lot of stress connected to its economy and this can be rectified through creation of quality job opportunities that would put the economy back on its feet.

Energy Policy

John Hickenlooper is considered to be a conservationist and has been called a great partner on energy issues by Gov. Ritter. Colorado has signed a bill that requires companies like Xcel to generate more than 30% of their power from renewable energy resources by 2020.

Scott McInnis supports clean energy but not as an alternative to conventional sources of gas and oil. McInnis has stated that drilling rules and regulations of environmentally friendly oil and gas has not produced jobs as promised and that net effect of no drilling taking place is the result. He does agree to more stringent rules but not at the cost of drilling being aborted.

An energy policy debate between the two candidates was held on June 30, 2010.

Plagiarism Controversy

In July 2010, before the Republican primary (on Aug 10), the Denver Post reported Mr. McInnis had plagiarized entire pages of an essay he wrote on water policy from a 1984 article written by Gregory J. Hobbs, now a justice on the Colorado Supreme Court. After this accusation of plagiarism was published, there were calls for McInnis to step down and withdraw from the gubernatorial race.[1]

Early Life and Political Career

John Hickenlooper was born in Narberth and graduated in English from Wesleyan University. He was awarded his master’s degree in geology in 1980. He is one of the founders of Wynkoop Brewing Company microbrewery. His entry into political arena was gradual and in office he as campaigned for the homeless, has been actively involved in marijuana legalization in Colorado and has been promoting sustainable practices for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through his Greenprint Denver initiative.

Scott McInnis was born in Glenwood Springs and he graduated from Glenwood Springs High School. He was awarded BA from Fort Lewis College and he received his J D from St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas. He is member of American Legislative Exchange Council and honorary advisor of National Student Leadership Conference. McInnis was elected to the state house of representatives and he served from 1983 to 1993. In 1992 he was elected to US House of Representatives from Colorado 3rd Congressional district and he served six terms (1993 -2005).

Hickenlooper vs. McInnis Opinion Polls (from Wikipedia)

John Hickenlooper and Scott McInnis are neck to neck in this gubernatorial election campaign making it a clear toss up.

Poll Source Dates Administered John Hickenlooper (D) Scott McInnis (R)
Survey USA June 15-17, 2010 43% 47%
Rasmussen Reports June 14, 2010 41% 46%
Public Policy Polling May 16, 2010 44% 44%
Rasmussen Reports May 11, 2010 41% 47%
Rasmussen Reports April 14, 2010 42% 48%
Public Policy Polling March 5-8, 2010 50% 39%
Rasmussen Reports March 4, 2010 42% 48%
Rasmussen Reports February 4, 2010 49% 45%
Rasmussen Reports January 6, 2010 42% 45%


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