Alex Sink (Democrat) and Bill McCollum (Republican) are contestants in the 2010 gubernatorial elections in Florida. Both hold respectable positions in their state; while Sink is the Chief Financial Officer of Florida, McCollum is the Attorney General for the State. This article presents an unbiased comparison of the two contestants.

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Residence Tampa, Florida Florida
Preceded by Tom Gallagher Charlie Crist
Date of birth June 5, 1948 July 12, 1944
Political party Democratic Republican
Spouse(s) Bill McBride (1987-Present) Ingrid Seebohm McCollum
Introduction (from Wikipedia) Adelaide "Alex" Sink (born 5 June 1948) is the Chief Financial Officer for the state of Florida and treasurer on the board of trustees of the Florida State Board of Administration. She is currently a candidate for Governor of Florida. Ira William "Bill" McCollum, Jr. (born July 12, 1944 in Brooksville, Florida) is Florida Attorney General and a candidate in the 2010 Florida gubernatorial election. A Republican, he is Florida's 36th attorney general, taking office in 2007.
Children two three
Occupation Chief Financial Officer, state of Florida Florida Attorney General
Position on healthcare Tepid support of healthcare reform legislation. Vehemently opposed to healthcare reform legislation.
Position on abortion In favor of status quo Strongly opposed to abortion and state funding for stem cell research
Position on immigration Opposes illegal immigration but also feels that Arizona's tough new immigration law is not appropriate. Supports Arizona's law and has proposed a bill for Florida modeled on the Arizona legislation.

Comparison of Economic Policy

Bill McCollum states that he wants to "foster an environment where taxes are low, people are working, students are learning, and our communities are safe." He has created a "roadmap" outlining his economic policy. Highlights include:

Alex Sink's plan for jobs and the economy is divided into short- and long-term initiatives. In the short term, she proposes to:

Energy Policy

Both candidates are in favor of Florida's new Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.

Alex Sink's energy policy calls for increasing the money Florida receives from the federal government for clean energy and energy efficiency investment, expanding low-income weatherization assistance programs, expanding public-private partnerships for clean energy research, "work with" utilities and the energy industry to expand the use of these so-called "smart-grid" technologies, and "work with" utility companies to promote educational outreach to consumers about electricity pricing.

McCollum's energy policy is in favor of nuclear reactors and "clean coal", promoting renewable fuel sources, expedite bio-fuel. He claims to be in favor of "market-based strategies" but opposes cap and trade. His plan calls for building an infrastructure for electric plug-in vehicles.

Position on Healthcare reform

Bill McCollum is vehemently opposed to the healthcare reform legislation passed in 2010. He "filed and leads a lawsuit" to have the legislation declared unconstitutional on the basis that "Congress exceeded its powers in penalizing individuals for failing to purchase health insurance, and for commandeering state assets in unprecedented ways."[1]

Alex Sink's website does not provide information about her healthcare policy. She has said that while not perfect, the healthcare reform legislation is better than doing nothing.[2]

Position on Immigration

Both Sink and McCollum talk tough against illegal immigration. McCollum, however, supports Arizona's tough new immigration law, whereas Sink opposes it, saying that it "The law passed in Arizona does not meet Florida's needs." because it's the responsibility of the federal government to prevent immigrants from illegally crossing the border.

McCollum has proposed an immigration bill modeled after Arizona's law.

Position on Abortion

A staunch conservative on this issue, McCollum is "pro-life" and against abortions. He is also opposed to the use of state or federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Sink has been less unequivocal about her position on these issues. Unlike more liberal Democrats, her website does not contain information on her position on these issues.

Education Policy

The key themes in Alex Sink's education policy are:

McCollum's website has a more detailed education policy paper, the key themes of which are:

Sink vs McCollum in opinion polls

Poll Source Dates Administered Bill McCollum Alex Sink
Quinnipiac August 11-16, 2010 29% 31%
Mason-Dixon August 9-11, 2010 35% 37%
Ipsos/Florida Newpapers August 6-10, 2010 26% 30%
Rasmussen Reports August 2, 2010 27% 31%
The Florida Poll July 24-28, 2010 26% 27%
Quinnipiac July 22-27, 2010 27% 26%
Public Policy Polling July 16-18, 2010 23% 37%
Ipsos/Reuters July 9-11, 2010 30% 31%
Florida Chamber of Commerce June 9-13, 2010 30% 26%
Quinnipiac June 7, 2010 33% 25%
Rasmussen Reports June 7, 2010 40% 38%
Rasmussen Reports May 16, 2010 43% 35%
Mason-Dixon May 7, 2010 45% 36%
Rasmussen Reports March 18, 2010 47% 36%
Public Policy Polling March 5-8, 2010 44% 31%
Rasmussen Reports February 18, 2010 48% 35%
Fabrizo/McLaughlin January 31, 2010 41% 32%
Rasmussen Reports January 27, 2010 46% 35%
Quinnipiac January 27, 2010 41% 31%


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