Marco Rubio (Republican) defeated Kendrick Meek of the Democratic Party to win the Florida senate seat in the 2010 election. George LeMieux was the incumbent senator at the time.

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Alma Mater Florida A&M University Santa Fe Community College, University of Florida, University of Miami, Tarkio College
Political Party Democratic Republican
Preceded by Carrie Meek George LeMieux
Serves on committees Ways and Means, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Democratic Steering and Policy committee --Commerce, Science and Transportation; Foreign Relations; Select Committee on Intellegence; Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship
Current Position Member of the US House of Representatives U.S Senator from Florida
Date of birth September 6, 1966 May 28, 1971
Age 43 41
Place of birth Miami, Florida Miami, Florida
Religion Baptist Roman Catholic
Book authored - 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future
Position on Energy Promotes judicious usage of natural resources; encourages research on alternative energy. Encourages nuclear energy and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge exploration.
Position on economy Supports programs that help people sustain their homes; increase in minimum wage. Wants to control excessive spending by a balanced budget amendment; emphases the need for meaningful tax reform to improve savings and investments.
Position on health care Increase coverage for children and pregnant women. Encourage use of technology to increase efficiency. Reduce burden on small businesses for employee insurance. Increase coverage at lower costs; affordability and accessibility to all citizens.
Spouse(s) Leslie Meek Jeanette Dousdebes

Economic Policy

Meek maintains that Florida is characterized by high rates of unemployment and foreclosure which indicate deep cuts in social services and education. With the advent of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, about $800 billion is channelized towards unemployment benefits, health care for the needy, and schools. This Act will also give a boost to the infrastructure and transportation projects.

Rubio advocates a meaningful tax reform which helps in simplifying the tax code, makes it easier to comprehend and is fair to the taxpayer. He also wants to cut down on Estate Tax, capital gains, interest and dividends taxes etc. He encourages higher savings and investment. He also wants to pass a balanced budget amendment to ensure that there is no additional spending in the government.

Health Care Policy

Kendrick Meek wants to increase insurance coverage for women and children. He believes universal coverage will be successful in the long run. He has tried to improvise and increase access to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, negotiated for lower prescription costs of drugs to Medicare holders, encourage research of human embryonic stem cells, promote training for physicians, and increase the research of lupus disease that affects millions of Americans.

Marco Rubio encourages the use of electronic medical records in health insurance, to share medical best practices, and transparency of information of every hospital so that patients can make a suitable choice. He wants to ensure that all citizens get health insurance as there still is a large community that still does not, and to enable private players to enter this area so. He wants to customize health care plans.

Energy Policy

Meek supports the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that aims for long term stability and growth by investing in clean and renewable energy. Meek is also a global warming activist and does every step necessary to spread awareness. He wants to explore the State’s natural resources like the sun (solar energy), wind and biomass so as to avoid being dependent on foreign oil.

Rubio supports an energy plan that encompasses use of nuclear energy, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge exploration, and leasing oil & natural gas fields at the outer continental shelf that is environmentally safe. He desires to make policies that make the nation less dependent on foreign oil and improve jobs.

Early Life and Political Career

Meek majored in criminal justice from Florida A&M University. Son of Congresswoman Carrie Meek, his career began as a trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol and gradually rose to the Captain’s rank. He was in fact the first African American to be a Captain. Thereafter, he gradually moved into politics.

Rubio was born in Miami to parents who were Cuban exiles. Rubio's father was a bartender and mother handled hotel housekeeping. He majored in Political Science from University of Florida and received J.D from University of Miami. Before getting elected to the House of Representatives, Rubio was City Commissioner for West Miami.

Rubio vs. Meek Opinion Polls

Independent Charlie Crist is also faring well in opinion polls.[1]

Poll source Dates administered Marco Rubio (R) Kendrick Meek (D)
FOX News September 11, 2010 43% 21%
Sunshine State News September 1-7, 2010 43% 23%
CNN September 2-7, 2010 36% 24%
Rasmussen Reports August 25, 2010 40% 21%
Public Policy Polling August 21–22, 2010 40% 17%
Quinnipiac August 11–16, 2010 32% 16%
Mason Dixon August 9–11, 2010 38% 18%
Ipsos/Florida Newspapers August 6–10, 2010 29% 17%
Rasmussen Reports August 9, 2010 38% 21%
McLaughlin & Associates
Associated Industries of Florida
July 31-August 1, 2010 36% 16%
The Florida Poll/NY Times July 24–28, 2010 30% 12%
Quinnipiac July 22–27, 2010 33% 13%
Rasmussen Reports July 21, 2010 35% 20%
Public Policy Polling July 16–18, 2010 29% 13%
Ipsos/Reuters July 9–11, 2010 29% 18%
Rasmussen Reports July 6, 2010 37% 18%
Florida Chamber of Commerce June 9–13, 2010 31% 14%
Quinnipiac June 1-7, 2010 33% 17%
Rasmussen Reports June 7, 2010 37% 15%
St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald/Bay News 9 May 14-18, 2010 27% 15%
Rasmussen Reports May 16, 2010 39% 18%
Rasmussen Reports May 3, 2010 34% 17%
McLaughlin & Associates April 24-25, 2010 29% 15%
Rasmussen Reports April 21, 2010 37% 22%
Quinnipiac April 8-13, 2010 42% 38%
Mason-Dixon March 23-25, 2010 44% 29%
Rasmussen Reports March 18, 2010 48% 34%
Research 2000 March 15–17, 2010 41% 40%
Public Policy Polling March 5–8, 2010 44% 39%
Rasmussen Reports February 18, 2010 51% 31%
Rasmussen Reports January 27, 2010 49% 32%
Quinnipiac January 26, 2010 44% 35%
Rasmussen Reports December 14, 2009 49% 35%
Research 2000 November 16–18, 2009 30% 38%
Rasmussen Reports October 20, 2009 46% 31%
Quinnipiac October 12–19, 2009 33% 36%
Rasmussen Reports August 19, 2009 43% 30%
Research 2000 January 26–28, 2009 22% 31%


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