This article presents an unbiased comparison of the political positions and policies of Maggie Hassan and Ovide Lamontagne, the Democratic and Republican party candidates respectively for the 2012 gubernatorial elections in New Hampshire.

RESULT: Hassan defeated Lamontagne to win the election

Hassan represented the 23rd District from 2004 to 2010 and Lamontagne, a lawyer by profession, ran for 1996 gubernatorial elections and was nominated for the 2010 Senate elections before declaring his candidacy for governor in 2012.

Comparison chart

Maggie Hassan versus Ovide Lamontagne comparison chart
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Maggie HassanOvide Lamontagne
Political Party Democrat Republican
Hometown Boston, MA Manchester, NH
Date of birth February 27th 1958 September 22 1957
Tax Policy Opposed a broad-based sales or income tax Opposes any broad-based sales or income tax
Healthcare Supports making healthcare more accessible and new laws to protect insurance users Supports free market reforms
Abortion Supports legal abortion Opposes legal abortion
Gay Rights Supports gay marriage Opposes gay marriage
Women’s Rights Supports coverage of contraception by insurance No clear stance
Gun Control supports gun control Opposes increased gun control
Education Supports increased funding Supports local control over education and increased school choice
Energy Policy Supports clean energy research Aims to deregulate energy industry to lower costs
Environmental Policy No clear stance Protect the state’s natural resources
Logo of Republican(Elephant) and Democratic (Donkey) parties
Logo of Republican(Elephant) and Democratic (Donkey) parties

Early Life and Career

Maggie Hassan earned her BA from Brown University and her JD from Northeastern School of Law. She has worked as an attorney and as Associate General Counsel for Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and was a State Senator from 2005-2010. She also served as Senate Majority Leader from 2008-2010.

Ovide Lamontagne was born in Manchester, NH, and earned his BA at The Catholic University of America. He taught social studies in high school before earning his JD from Wyoming College of Law. He worked for law firm Devine Millimet and served as counsel for the State Senate in 1991. He was the chair of the New Hampshire State Board of Education from 1993 to 1996, and ran for governor in 1996 and senator in 2010, although both attempts were unsuccessful. His involvement in government has only been bureaucratic; he has never held public office.

Differences in Economic Policy

Tax Policy

Maggie Hassan opposes a broad based sales or income tax. [1] She wants to create a tax credit for research-and-development programs.

Ovide Lamontagne opposes any broad based sales or income tax. He wants to reform the business tax code to help businesses. [2]

Healthcare Policy

Maggie Hassan has led efforts to make it easier for small businesses to provide healthcare for employees. She has fought to allow children to remain on their parents’ insurance until age 26. [3]

Ovide Lamontagne aims to create free market reforms in the health care system to ensure lower cost care and coverage for all. [4]

Social Issues


Maggie Hassan supports legal abortion. [5]

Ovide Lamontagne opposes legal abortion. [6]

Gay rights

Maggie Hassan supports gay marriage. [7]

Ovide Lamontagne opposes gay marriage. [8]

Women's Rights

Maggie Hassan aims to protect women’s access to birth control, including ensuring that it is covered by insurance. [9]

Ovide Lamontage has not commented on this issue.

Gun Control

Maggie Hassan has not commented on this issue.

Ovide Lamontagne believes that the right to bear arms is a fundamental human right. [10]

Education Policy

Maggie Hassan has previously raised the dropout age, increased educational funding and invested in community colleges and universities. [11]

Ovide Lamontage aims to restore local control over education policy and funding. He wants to increase school choice and create partnerships between schools and businesses to ensure that students have the necessary skills for the workforce. [12]

Energy Policy

Maggie Hassan supports clean energy investments such as mercury reductions and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. [13]

Ovide Lamontagne wants to deregulate the energy industry and introduce free market reforms to lower energy costs. [14]

Environmental Policy

Maggie Hassan has not spoken on this issue.

Ovide Lamontagne aims to protect and promote New Hampshire’s natural resources while encouraging tourism. [15]


The first debate between Ovide Lamontagne and Maggie Hassan was held on September 27, 2012. The full video is presented below.

Opinion Poll Ratings

Poll source Date(s)
Maggie Hassan (D) Ovide Lamontagne (R)
American Research Group October 9-11, 2012 40% 46%
WMUR/University of New Hampshire October 1-6, 2012 30% 34%
WMUR/University of New Hampshire September 27-30, 2012 38% 36%
Public Policy Polling September 24-25, 2012 51% 44%
NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist College September 23-25, 2012 47% 45%
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner September 15-19, 2012 48% 46%
Rasmussen Reports September 18, 2012 44% 48%
Public Policy Polling August 9-12, 2012 45% 43%
WMUR/University of New Hampshire August 1-12, 2012 31% 33%
Rasmussen Reports June 20, 2012 36% 42%
Public Policy Polling May 10-13, 2012 39% 40%
WMUR/University of New Hampshire April 9-20, 2012 34% 29%
WMUR/University of New Hampshire January 25-February 2, 2012 26% 32%
Public Policy Polling June 30-July 5, 2011 35% 41%


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