Daniel Mongiardo (Democratic) and Rand Paul (Republican) are running for the Senate seat from Kentucky in the US Senatorial Elections 2010. Daniel Mongiardo is the 53rd Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky and a physician. Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist and Chairman of Kentucky Taxpayers United.

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Political Party Democratic Republican
Website http://www.drdan2010.com/ http://www.randpaul2010.com/
Spouse(s) Allison Patrick Kelley Ashby
Residence Hazard, Kentucky Bowling Green, Kentucky
Alma Mater Transylvania University (BA) University of Kentucky (MD) Baylor University Duke University School of Medicine
Occupation Physician Ophthalmologist, Political Activist
Current Position Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky Chairman and founder of Kentucky Taxpayers United
Position on Health care Supports comprehensive health care reforms. Supports elimination of federal regulations that discourage coverage provisions in small businesses.
Position on Economy Feels creating jobs is first priority to jump start the economy. Against all federal bailouts to private companies.
Position on Energy Supports a national energy policy that would encourage natural resources and protect jobs and industries. Cut taxes and lift regulation on companies developing new forms of energy.
Age 50 47
Place of birth Hazard, Kentucky Pennsylvania
Date of birth 4 July, 1959 7 January, 1963

Health Care Policy

Daniel Mongiardo feels that health care reforms would enable access to affordable quality health care to the Americans, and that it should not be regulated on the basis of where one lives or how much money one has.

Rand Paul believes all medical expenses should be made tax deductible. Doctors should be given the freedom to negotiate with insurance companies to drive down the medical care costs. Federal regulations should be done away with where small businesses and health insurance coverages are concerned.

Energy Policy

Daniel Mongiardo feels that the nation needs a comprehensive energy policy that would encourage and promote natural resources as well as increase investment in alternative energy so as to create more jobs. He feels that Kentucky with its abundance of coal, gas, oil, farmland and inland waterways would definitely benefit from such a national policy.

Rand Paul feels that taxes should be cut and government regulations reduced on companies and businesses concerned with developing new energy sources. These new ideas should be given a free hand in the open market so that more efficient forms of energy can be produced by way of competition.

Economic Policy

Daniel Mongiardo feels that the only path to ensure stability of economy is to create real jobs. The areas of energy, transportation and health care could become avenues of job creation in Kentucky.

Rand Paul feels that responsibility has to be promoted and opportunities created. The value of the Dollar has to be restored and national debt should be paid down with a balanced budget.

Early Life and Political Career

Daniel Mongiardo was born to Jimmy and Katherine who were Italian immigrants. Daniel Mongiardo was awarded his medical degree from University of Kentucky College of Medicine. He performed his residency in Lexington. In 2000 he entered politics and was elected state senate. He worked on water projects, legislation of electronic medical network establishment etc while in the senate.

Rand Paul was born to Carol and Ron Paul in Pennsylvania. Paul attended Baylor University in Texas. And was awarded his M.D. From Duke University School of Medicine. He established his own Ophthalmology clinic in 2007. He specializes in corneal transplants, glaucoma surgery and LASIK. This is the first time that Rand Paul is running for the senate.

Mongiardo vs. Paul Opinion Polls (From Wikipedia)

Rand Paul has been leading against Daniel Mongiardo in most of the opinion polls conducted but Mongiardo seems to be a consistent opponent for Paul.

Poll Source Date(s)
Public Policy Polling (report) May 1-2, 2010 42% 38%
Rasmussen Reports (report) April 28, 2010 48% 32%
Rasmussen Reports (report) March 30, 2010 52% 37%
Research 2000 (report) March 15–17, 2010 46% 37%
Rasmussen Reports (report) March 3, 2010 51% 34%
Rasmussen Reports (report) February 2, 2010 48% 37%
Rasmussen Reports (report) January 6, 2010 49% 35%
Public Policy Polling (report) December 18–21, 2009 42% 36%
Survey USA (report) October 30–Nov. 2, 2009 43% 43%
Rasmussen Reports (report) September 30, 2009 43% 38%
Research 2000 (report) August 31–Sep. 2, 2009 37% 42%
Survey USA (report) August 15–17, 2009 41% 43%


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