A comparison of the policies and positions of senate candidates Jane Norton and Michael Bennet is presented here.

Michael Bennet (Democrat) and Jane Norton (Republican) will be running for the US Senate Elections 2010 from Colorado. Michael Bennet is the incumbent US Senator from Colorado. He is seeking reelection. Jane Norton was the 46th Lieutenant Governor for the State of Colorado.

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Jane Norton versus Michael Bennet comparison chart
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Political Party Republican Party Democratic Party
Website http://www.janenortonforcolorado.com/ http://bennet.senate.gov/
Preceded by Joe Rogers Ken Salazar
Succeeded by Barbara O'Brien -
Spouse(s) Mike Norton Susan Daggett
Residence Englewood, Colorado Denver, Colorado
Alma Mater Colorado State University Regis University Yale Law School (JD) Wesleyan University (BA)
Occupation Foundation Executive Director Political Assistant, College Administrator, Media Executive, Politician
Current Position American politician United States Senator from Colorado
Serves on committees - Agriculture, Nutrition, Forestry, Banking, Housing, Urban Affairs, Health, Education, Labor, Pensions, Aging
Position on health care Does not support the healthcare reform. Supports the healthcare reform bill.
Position on Immigration Opposes amnesty for immigrants and believes in securing borders further. Strong supporter of immigration reforms.
Position on Energy Supports the use and production of alternate energy. Increase production of alternative energy.
Age 55 45
Place of birth Grand Junction, Colorado New Delhi, India
Date of birth October 12, 1954 November 28, 1964

Healthcare Policy

Michael Bennet strongly supports the Healthcare Reform bill by President Obama. He believes in providing quality, affordable health care to all Americans through the health care reform.

Jane Norton opposes the democratic federal health care reforms. She believes that opening up of health care markets across state lines would promote competition as well as increase health care options.

Energy Policy

Bennet has time and again emphasized the need to provide alternate energy sources which would reduce Dependence on foreign oil as well as surpass countries like China in production of alternate energy. He supported and signed the Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act in 2009.

Jane Norton understands the significance of developing alternative energy resources and reducing dependence of America on foreign oil. She supports the cause of alternate energy.


Michael Bennet believes that immigration reform could be the answer to US immigration problems.

Jane Norton feels that the borders have to be secured further to minimize incidents of illegal immigration and she is against granting any kind of amnesty to existing illegal immigrants in US.

Economic Policy

Michael Bennet feels that financial reform and regulation could rein in the recklessness and greed in financial markets, which were the main reasons for the economic recession. New jobs have to be created in various avenues for the economy to regain its stability and maintain it.

Jane Norton believes that lowering taxes, balancing budget, reducing national debt, exercising fiscal restraint and bringing about regulatory reforms are the best ways to get the economy back on its feet.

Early Life and Political Career

Michael Bennet was born to Douglas J. Bennet and Susanne nee Klejman in New Delhi, India. Bennet grew up in Washington D.C. He was dyslexic and had to be retained in second grade. He married Susan Daggett, natural resources attorney in 1997. Bennet earned his bachelor's degree from Wesleyan University in history with honors. He got his law degree from Yale Law School. Bennet was named to fill the United States Senate seat vacated by United States Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter.

Jane Norton is daughter of Elinor Pitman Bergman and Walter F. Bergman. She grew up in Grand Junction and went on to graduate from Colorado State University in 1976. Her degree of Bachelor of Science is in health sciences. She took her Masters of Science in Management degree from Regis University in Denver. Norton was sworn in as the 46th Lieutenant Governor of Colorado in 2003. She was the first Republican woman to serve as Lt. Governor. She has been politically very active in areas like adoption, health insurance reforms etc.

Bennet vs. Norton Opinion Polls (from Wikipedia)

The better known Norton has been leading in the polls against Bennet, but by a close margin; it can become a toss up any time.

Poll Source Dates Administered Michael Bennet Jane Norton
Survey USA June 15-17, 2010 44% 47%
Rasmussen Reports June 7, 2010 40% 46%
Public Policy Polling May 19, 2010 44% 41%
Rasmussen Reports May 3, 2010 41% 48%
Rasmussen Reports April 5, 2010 41% 46%
Public Policy Polling March 5-8, 2010 43% 43%
Rasmussen Reports March 2, 2010 39% 48%
Rasmussen Reports February 2, 2010 37% 51%
Rasmussen Reports January 13, 2010 37% 49%
Daily Kos/Research 2000 January 11-13, 2010 40% 39%
YouGovPolimetrix January 6-11, 2010 35% 38%
Rasmussen Reports December 8, 2009 37% 46%
Rasmussen Reports September 15, 2009 36% 45%


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