Barbara Boxer (Democrat) and Tom Campbell (Republican) are running for the Senate seat from California in the US Senate elections 2010. In 1992 Boxer was first elected to the US Senate and she became the second Jewish female US Senator. Campbell is an academician (former professor of Stanford Law School, former business administration professor at the University of Berkeley and former dean of Haas School of Business).

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Date of birth November 11, 1940 August 14, 1952
Books authored A time to Run, Blind Trust Separation of Powers in Practice
Political Party Democratic Republican
Spouse(s) Stewart Boxer Susanne Campbell
Residence Rancho Mirage, California Irvine, California
Alma Mater Brooklyn College University of Chicago Harvard Law School
Occupation Journalist, Politician Academician, Politician
Current Position Junior United States Senator from California Member of the US House of Representatives
Position on health care Encourages medical research to find cures for diseases. Does not support the Healthcare Reform.
Position on economy Encourages American companies to bring overseas profits to the US, create more jobs and stimulate domestic economic growth. Proposes merger of investment and commercial banking.
Position on National Security Encouraged airline pilots to carry guns in the cockpit. Supports Americas stand on global action against terrorism.
Age 69 57
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York Chicago, Illinois
Preceded by Philip Burton Norman Y. Mineta
Serves on committees Commerce, transportation, science, public works, environment, foreign relations and ethics. Housing, education and budget.

Economic Policy

Barbara Boxer as a Senator’s top priority is California’s and the nation’s economic recovery. She has proposed several policies for increasing job creation. She has strongly proposed the creation of infrastructure jobs in 2005. She has pressed immensely to get federal funding for her State. She has pioneered the need to increase the minimum wage. She has worked towards extending unemployment compensation for an additional seven weeks and for 20 weeks in states that are hard hit. She has worked hard for invigorating the high tech industry and nurture the growth of biotech industry. She has also worked towards the protection of the film and music industries.

Tom Campbell wants to eliminate wasteful spending by the government and wants to eradicate the debt primarily before diverting funds to unnecessary projects. He indicates that there should be no distinction between investment and commercial banking and proposed a merger of the two.

Health Care Policy

Boxer has worked for ensuring affordable and quality health care for all Americans. She has cracked down on abuses of insurance companies and aims at ensuring affordable prescription drugs. She wants to implement provision of quality health care, especially to children and women and supports expansion of medical research. She wants to ensure that highly qualified medical professionals are available in plenty. She intends to improve mental health care and in fighting HIV and AIDS and more importantly in making long term medical care more affordable.

Campbell intends to identify the problem areas and plug it instead of looking at one universal option that is assumed to fit all. He wants to rework on the makeover of the nations’ health insurance and ensure that every person in the country can have access and afford quality health care. He wants to ensure this by inviting all health care providers of every geography or region to bid to cover all those below a certain income level and those who have not been covered. His plan as he believes does not increase cost or cost of insurance premiums to taxpayers and healthy competition brings in more benefits.

Energy Policy

Boxer has championed the cause of preventing new offshore oil drilling off the California coast and has proposed prohibition of development of the 36 undeveloped leases off the California coast. Also, she has worked hard to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for the purpose of protecting wilderness since oil drilling has the potential to destroy the Arctic habitat.

Campbell wants to concentrate on nuclear energy and capitalize on its potential. He wants to continue and increase the investment in science to increase bio fuel output and to bring about electric powered vehicles where energy efficiency is optimized. He wants to capitalize on safe and low cost energy technology. He also wants to concentrate on wind and solar energy and believes in completing this project.

Early Life and Political Career

Born in Brooklyn in New York to Jewish parents, Barbara Boxer graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelors degree in Economics. Boxer has worked as a stock broker for three years before she first ran for political office in 1972. Later, she also worked as a journalist for some time. She has also authored two novels – A time to run and Blind Trust.

Campbell received his Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Chicago, a JD from Harvard Law School and further a Ph.D. in economics from University of Chicago. He has worked as a clerk to the US Supreme Court Justice Byron White between 1977 and 1978 and for the US Court of Appeals Judge George E. MacKinnon. Though Campbell was raised in a Democratic family, he became a Republican in due course. 1976 was when he was admitted to the bar and did his practice in private in Chicago. He was an academician for quite some time and worked in prestigious institutions.

Boxer vs. Campbell Opinion Polls (from Wikipedia)

Campbell would need to increase the campaign pace in order to give Boxer tougher competition.

Poll source Dates administered Barbara Boxer Tom Campbell
Rasmussen Reports April 12, 2010 43% 41%
PPIC March 24, 2010 43% 44%
Field Research March 18, 2010 43% 44%
Rasmussen Reports March 11, 2010 43% 41%
Research 2000 March 10, 2010 47% 43%
Rasmussen Reports February 11, 2010 45% 41%
PPIC January 27, 2010 45% 41%
The Field Poll January 5–17, 2010 48% 38%
Rasmussen Reports January 14, 2010 46% 42%


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